CPRE vows to fight new plans for Dunsfold

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Dear Sir,
The Surrey Branch of the Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE) is disappointed to hear that Mr Jim McAllister is attempting to resurrect his defeated and discredited “Dunsfold Park New Town” scheme.
Mr McAllister’s new approach is to try to force Waverley Council to accept the development of thousands of new homes in this area by threatening an even worse alternative in the shape of a massive increase in permissible flights to and from Dunsfold aerodrome.
This “housing versus flights” argument is entirely false and spurious. Neither prospect would be accepted locally, and neither would meet the requirements of national or local policies.
CPRE objected to the previous scheme for Dunsfold and we would be equally firm in our opposition to any attempt either to resurrect the New Town concept or to expand the site’s use for aviation.
It is interesting to note that Mr McAllister, despite carefully nurturing a “green” image in the past, and deliberately courting the support of environmental lobby groups for his “eco-town” scheme, now seems to have abandoned any such pretence of environmental concern.
Even Mr McAllister must surely realise that developing aviation at Dunsfold would have a profoundly damaging impact on the local countryside and community through very significant increases in noise, air, and light pollution in this part of Surrey.
Our county is already the most overflown of all the English counties, thanks to the proximity of both Gatwick and Heathrow airports. Furthermore, Farnborough’s expansion of business aviation has just been approved at appeal, which is potentially a very serious problem.
Who needs yet another airfield generating more air and road traffic?
Such an approach is completely unsustainable and CPRE will continue to resist any such proposals.
Yours faithfully,
Andy Smith
Andy Smith FRGS FCIJ
Surrey Branch Director
Campaign to Protect Rural England
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