Fight back against fly-tipping!

Fight back against fly-tipping!

CPRE Surrey launches “Stop-the-Drop” campaign

Fly-tipping and littering is ruining our countryside and harming the wildlife. Surrey is blessed with some of the best countryside the country has to offer but it is being blighted by rubbish dumped in hedgerows, lanes and fields. Action needs to be taken now to stop the countryside becoming a rubbish dump.

Our Stop-the-Drop campaign tackles the litter and fly-tipping problem that is despoiling our beautiful countryside. It’s headed by CPRE’s National President and author Bill Bryson, a passionate anti-litter campaigner and champion of the countryside.

It’s costing taxpayers over half a billion a year to clear the streets of England – let alone parks and other public spaces. Each fly-tipping incident costs the public purse around £72 a minute.

The boom in litter means a boom in the rat population too. There are now 60 million rats in the UK: almost as many as human beings. But over 69,000 other animals a year are killed or injured by cigarette butts, plastic bags and other plastic rubbish. It’s estimated that every year over a million seabirds and 100,000 turtles and sea mammals die of litter related causes.

CPRE Surrey Branch launched its Stop-the-Drop campaign recently at the Cranleigh Show on on Sunday 7 August.  The campaign has received an enthusiastic response. If you support Stop-the-Drop, you can help us in the following ways:

  • Join a clean-up litter picking event in your area. Details of events can be found on this website and at We have clean-up kits that you can use for any events.
  • Become a CPRE fly-spotter by reporting fly-tipping
  • Email or write to the relevant authorities to demand clean-up action
  • Check that any contractors you use on your property (builders, gardeners) have a waste license, and ask where they are taking your waste. You can get fined if they dump it illegally and it is traced back to you.
  • Go to the campaign website

If you would like to voluenteer to help with our campaign, please email us on

If your community would like to have any promotional material on the campaign, please contact us.

Reporting littering and fly-tipping

Is the fly-tipping rubbish on public land or highway? If yes, contact your local council waste department.

If the fly-tipping or rubbish is on private land, it is the land owners responsibility. Any landowner who has a fly-tipping incident is encouraged to report it to the NFU who are gathering statistics on this issue. Their reporting hotline is 0870 840 0686

A guide for private landowners can be found at:

If it is a large-scale incident or looks to be a chemical or bio hazard the Environment Agency should be contacted. They have a 24hour reporting hotline 0800 807 060.

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