Fight back against fly-tipping!

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Fly-tipping and littering is ruining our countryside and harming the wildlife. Surrey is blessed with some of the best countryside the country has to offer but it is being blighted by rubbish dumped in hedgerows, lanes and fields. Action needs to be taken now to stop the countryside becoming a rubbish dump.

“Stop the Drop” campaigners collect 57 bags of litter from St Martha Lanes, Guildford

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Members and supporters of CPRE Surrey and local residents’ group the Tyting Society were out in force in the St Martha’s Hill area near Guildford at the weekend for their annual blitz on litter. Teams of volunteer litter-pickers, inspired by CPRE President Bill Bryson’s “Stop the Drop” crusade against littering and fly-tipping, swooped on the area on Sunday afternoon to remove every trace of rubbish from the country lanes and footpaths.


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In Surrey, which has two-tier local government, district and borough councils are responsible for collection of waste but the County Council is in charge of waste disposal and for the provision of recycling and waste management sites.

Surrey produces over half a million tonnes of waste each year, 80% of which is considered suitable for recycling. This includes commercial and industrial waste. In 2006 the County Council, together with the eleven district and borough councils, adopted a Joint Municipal Waste Management Strategy.