Epsom & Ewell Council is expected to permit housing in the Borough for 20,000 to 30,000 more people over the next 20 years. (Currently, 80,000 live in the Borough.) Where would most of the 8,000 to 12,000 new homes go? The Council has identified several ‘Broad Areas of Search’. Most of these are in our valued countryside – the Green Belt.

What types of homes? We need more genuinely affordable housing to meet local needs. Otherwise we are likely to get as many ‘stockbroker’ houses as the building industry can get away with! Our roads and other facilities are already at breaking point. Is there the money for the extra transport, water supply, sewers, and social, educational and health provision we will need? What can you do?

Go to Look down the page for ‘The Local Plan – What Others Think’ and read what CPRE says. Then go back to the Interactive Consultation Document. When you reach the questionnaire, we suggest you tick Option 4 in Question 10 and complete Question 8 by saying any new housing should be truly affordable and meet local needs. Say no to the loss of Green Belt.That’s it! You have until 6th November to respond. Talk to your friends and neighbours. Contact your local councillors and MP.