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Who we are

We are the Surrey Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE Surrey).


We are an independent charity but are also part of a nationwide network, the Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE) which was formed in 1926.

Our vision

A beautiful and thriving Surrey countryside that enriches all our lives.


Our mission

To promote, enhance and protect a thriving Surrey countryside.


Our aim is to protect, promote and enhance the countryside and natural environment of Surrey. We work with local communities and their elected representatives to find positive and lasting ways to enable our countryside and nature to thrive – today and for generations to come. Our goal is for a beautiful and vibrant countryside that sustains our wildlife, contributes to public health and wellbeing, and enriches all our lives.

In 2026 the whole CPRE network will be celebrating 100 years of work to protect the English countryside. In the run-up to the centenary there will be many activities to mark this milestone anniversary and to celebrate CPRE’s campaigns and achievements.

We in CPRE Surrey are immensely proud of the national charity’s past and we continue to be inspired by the principles and passions that motivated the charity’s founders a century ago. We particularly remember that CPRE was a pioneer of the Green Belt concept that has been absolutely vital in preserving our countryside and open spaces here in Surrey, where three quarters of the county’s land is covered by the London Green Belt.