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General Election 2024: Will candidates take our Affordable Housing Pledge?

16th June 2024
CPRE Surrey is calling on all General Election candidates standing for Surrey constituencies to support CPRE’s Affordable Housing campaign.
As the charity that works to enhance, promote and protect Surrey’s countryside, CPRE is concerned to ensure that we get the right homes in the right places. We believe that affordable and social housing must be the priorities in the provision of new homes.
That’s why we are contacting all General Election candidates in Surrey constituencies urging you to pledge their support for this important campaign.
National’s Affordable Housing Pledge:
I pledge to: 
1) advocate for the redefinition of ‘affordable’ to ensure it directly reflects average local incomes; 
2) call for new targets for new social and genuinely affordable homes to meet locally assessed needs; 
3) call for ‘hope value’ to be abolished to reduce the market value of land and increase the viability of social housing delivery;
4) support initiatives that tackle the issues of short-term lets and second homes.
We hope that as many candidates, of different parties, in all of Surrey’s constituencies, will back this important campaign in Surrey by pledging their support.
And that they will make a public statement endorsing CPRE’s campaign for affordable housing.
For more information on this campaign go to Our rural affordable housing campaign explained – CPRE