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Dark Skies Matter: Sign the pledge

1st May 2020

“Dark Skies Matter started as a Surrey project with the support of CPRE Surrey, Surrey Hills AONB, Surrey Wildlife Trust and Guildford RSPB. It was formed to combat light pollution in Surrey and to protect the county’s remaining dark landscapes.

As waste light recognises no boundaries, Dark Skies Matter now reaches beyond its county origins to make an impact wherever polluting light occurs and its harmful effects are felt.”

– John Evans, Founder & Coordinator of Dark Skies Matter


This Declaration aims to protect the fragile oases of natural darkness still to be found in this country, and to seek a reduction in the prevalence and harmful effects of unnecessary, artificial light.

The loss of dark sky – and the harm caused by light pollution across the country – affects us all and should matter to everyone. Light pollution is the soiling of the natural twilight and night-time environment by artificial light.

Why does it matter?

  • It destroys a precious heritage of natural beauty that for millennia has inspired us and expanded our understanding
  • It is wasteful, consuming resources unnecessarily and contributing to climate change
  • It is associated with risks to human health and well-being
  • It disrupts wildlife and impacts the wider ecology and biodiversity
  • It travels far from its source, escaping to pollute the countryside
  • Our roads and neighbourhoods can still be safe with informed lighting design and practice

Support the Declaration and help by:

  • Speaking out against light pollution
  • Adopting and advocating good lighting practice
  • Championing dark sky oases within the county and beyond

Sign the Declaration today

If you share our aims and would like to Declare your support, please email: or contact John Evans, Coordinator of Dark Skies Matter on 07496 333301